Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Egg Tempera Presentation at Lake Oconee

The Greensboro Arts Alliance is hosting a presentation on Egg Tempera Painting This Wednesday

Egg Tempera by Peter Muzyka

to be March 4th Program

Artist Peter Muzyka will give a slide presentation on

egg tempera painting along with some practical tips

and painting samples.

Peter has created many egg tempera paintings of the

Georgia far country over the last 30 years and will

highlight both his work as well as other egg tempera

artists throughout history.

Here are some examples of Peter's egg tempera work.

Peter is also teaching a class in egg tempera at the

Plaza Arts Center in Eatonton this summer. Info

will be provided at the March meeting.

The New Abandoned Rural America hardcover book

is now available at Genuine Georgia in downtown Greensboro

and on-line at www.abandonedruralamerica.com.

Pete will also bring a copy to the meeting to pass around.

An eBook interactive version is also available on-line

at the ARA website.

Friday, January 16, 2015

Abandoned Rural America Hardcover Book

The hardcover edition of Abandoned Rural America has arrived

The 8 1/2 x 11 hardcover edition of the Abandoned Rural America book is now available online at the ARA website. With over 104 pages loaded with art and photographic images of the old farmhouses and landscapes complete with stories and poems by the Greensboro Writer's Guild, artists whose images are included in the book, and other guest writers.

You can purchase a copy through our website at www.abandonedruralamerica.com or scan the QR Code below to be taken to the website.

Thursday, June 5, 2014

Working on an egg tempera painting for the Georgia Writers Museum in Eatonton

Hi all

Here is a link to my YouTube video of a recent egg tempera painting for the Georgia Writers Museum. I was commissioned to paint the Alice Walker original home when she was growing up in Georgia for the Alice Walker room at the museum.I went to the property in early 2014 and photographed the site for reference material. You will see that, after laying in the initial drawing and adding some color with water soluble colored bars, I began painting in egg tempera. One thing I especially added was the color purple wherever feasible to reflect her Pulitzer Prize winning novel "The Color Purple". You'll notice in the video that, as the painting progresses, I paint over areas and repaint in details and color. This is, since egg tempera is translucent and the layers beneath will influence the topmost layers as time goes by, the painting will actually look richer in the future. I hope that you enjoy viewing the process of painting this special work.

Thank you- Here is the link: http://youtu.be/EIaBFKwX-s0


Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Abandoned Rural America 2 Reception

August 30, 2012, was the opening reception for the not-to-be-missed exhibit, Abandoned Rural America 2, The Small Family Farm in Transition, presented by the Madison Artists Guild with its exhibit partner and host gallery, The Steffen Thomas Museum of Art. This group- exhibit features paintings, photographs, and a film chronicling the changing face of rural Georgia as small family farms dwindle in number and are reclaimed by the forces of nature. Featured artists are Peter Martin Muzyka, Charles St. John Dyer, Don Jolley and Lisa Wheeler. All four artists bring their personal perspectives to the theme and reveal unique stories underlying the inexorable changing landscape of the rural south.

A treasure in itself, The Steffen Thomas Museum is located in the very heart of this southern rural landscape and was the logical choice for the ARA 2 exhibit, having previously opened in Milledgeville. Also lending its support to the show is the Madison-Morgan Conservancy, an organization that recognizes the importance of the history and future of rural Morgan County and the southern landscape in general. The Opening Reception for this important show was held at the Steffen Thomas Museum of Art on August 30, 6 p.m., and featured refreshments with a farmhouse flair and poignant roots music. The exhibit runs through October 27. The museum is located at 4200 Bethany Road, Buckhead, Ga., 30625. For information on hours of operation, membership, programs, directions, and future events, contact (706)342-7557, info@steffenthomas.org, or www.steffenthomas,org.

The reception photos above include some of the newest egg tempera paintings that I have created for the new ARA exhibit. Another ARA exhibit is planned for 2013 (TBA) with more new paintings, photographs, some additional artists and a new, updated variation of the video.

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Abandoned Rural America 2 is Opening on August 30th

Hello Valued Reader

The second of the Abandoned Rural America series is about to have its opening at the Steffen Thomas Museum of Art. The Madison Artists Guild and the Madison-Morgan Conservancy have joined with STMA in sponsoring our updated show honoring the memory of the small family farmer in our country. We have added a new member to out team, photographer Lisa Wheeler, as well as artist and model maker Eugene Swain who is supplying one of his amazing lifelike models of an old family farmhouse for our show's reception on August 30th. After the show opening I will post some of the new works that can be seen (and purchased) at the show which goes from August 30th until October 27th. Here is a link to more information on the show from Karen Strelecki, Arts Outreach Coordinator and Marketing Associate: STMA/ARA2 and below is a copy of our current poster announcing the show. I plan to see you all there at the reception. Please click on the image to make it larger.
Best Regards, Pete

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Update to the Old Pennsylvania Farmhouse

The painting that I did in my last post was an indication of how the old farmhouse next to my parent's Pennsylvania property looked 2 and a half years ago. I came up for a visit and took a few new photos showing the state of the property in late June 2012. Here is the result.

As you can see, the back side of the house, after the split, has collapsed. The front is leaning to the left and I expect that within a year or so, the entire farmhouse will be just a pile of rubble.

This is one of the buildings on the farm and all is overgrown by weeds and brush dotted with a few Tiger Lilies.

My next post with outline some of the farms that I came across wile traveling through Virginia and Penna in June and early July 2012.

To see more of the old abandoned farmsteads as well as the beautiful landscapes that comprise our eastern United States rural farmland, attend the upcoming Abandoned Rural America 2 show at the Steffen Thomas Museum of Art in Buckhead GA. The opening is August 30th and it will run through the later part of October 2012 with paintings, drawings photos and a video from myself and painter Don Jolley as well as photograhers Charles St John Dyer and Lisa Wheeler.

For more information visit: www.steffenthomas.org or download the info PDF at: http://www.steffenthomas.org/news_press/abandoned-rural-america2.pdf

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Painting an Abandoned Farmhouse in Pennsylvania

This old farmhouse is on property near my parents' house in the north eastern Pennsylvania countryside. It has been vacant for decades after the head of the family had passed away. One of his sons moved to the city to pursue his career while the other son lived in a trailer next to the main farm house. The farm itself went into disuse long before the father passed away. I believe that the family, as a whole, lost heart in farming and just gave up in the property. This is the process that i go through when I paint an egg tempera on watercolor paper instead of a gessoed panel. Let me know what you think.

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

An April 2012 Visit to Saint Mary's Georgia

Here is a slide show of some of our Saint Mary's shots wile visiting there last week. Hope you enjoy the view.


Monday, April 30, 2012

A Short Trip Through Okefenokee National Park

Hello Friends and Family

Jewel and I recently went on a little trip to Saint Mary's Georgia and the Okefenokee National Park. I took some additional reference photos for Abandoned Rural America show series along the way as well as flora and fauna in the southern Georgia region.

Here is a short slide video of Okefenokee and I will post another of Saint Mary's later in the week.

I hope that you enjoy the images. Music is by Martin Denny.



Tuesday, April 3, 2012

A New Painting for Abandoned Rural America

Here is one of my newer paintings for the ARA show.

Beginning the painting process in egg tempera.

Adding more color and layers in the painting.

Working clouds in the sky.

Adding shadows and more color.

An overall color wash.

Working details in the trees and softening the background.

Forming the foreground structure and some details into the house.

Working on the boards of the house.

More detail in the house and work on the clouds.

Creating realistic colors in the foreground.

Now I’m down to the finer details in the house and the entrance to the property.

The final painting with a bird in the sky, red tail hawk maybe?

Abandoned Rural Art Reception Images

Hello Reader

Here are a few photographs of the Abandoned Rural America Show opening on the 25th of March. As you can see the weather was superb. The reaction of the guests and visitors was encouraging. Now we will need to top this for the follow up show at the Steffen Tomas Museum of Art in September.

Pre-show setup in center gallery area.

One of Don’s paintings next to Blake’s photograph.

 Visitors at the Film showing.

 Wayne and Liz Jones from Pennsylvania eye the art.

A visitor eyes the show artworks.

Charles Dyer and Don Jolley with wives.

Dan from Penna with Jewel.

A visitor with Don’s wife Linda.

Erik and Bea Ekstrom from Denmark.

Gallery 1, right wall.

The hallway to the back of the Gallery. 
We have art and photographs displayed everywhere.

Art patron Ira Block.

The Greenwoods, Jacqui and Tom.

Jewel, my greatest fan.

Musician and scrimshaw artist Joe Reynolds.

Don’s son talks with narrator John McCarthy.

Jewel with visitors.

Judy Pace on right with her sister in front of a
painting of their old family homestead.

The main Gallery wall 1.

Mason at show entrance.

GAA president Mev Roszman.

Joe remarks on the show’s video.

Gallery personnel; Randy Cannon, executive director, 
Amy Davis, office manager, and Brian Renko, 
program coordinator.

Reception desk area.

Great reception food prepared by
the Civic Woman’s Club of Milledgeville.

My son Rex in front of the Gallery, The Marlor House.

More visitors to the show’s reception.

Special Guest Samuel Clements (played by Bill Scholly)
gives an introduction to the show’s film.

Daughter-in-law Vicki with granddaughter Janna.

More visitors to see the show artworks.

We artists give a brief description of our technique.