Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Abandoned Rural Art Reception Images

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Here are a few photographs of the Abandoned Rural America Show opening on the 25th of March. As you can see the weather was superb. The reaction of the guests and visitors was encouraging. Now we will need to top this for the follow up show at the Steffen Tomas Museum of Art in September.

Pre-show setup in center gallery area.

One of Don’s paintings next to Blake’s photograph.

 Visitors at the Film showing.

 Wayne and Liz Jones from Pennsylvania eye the art.

A visitor eyes the show artworks.

Charles Dyer and Don Jolley with wives.

Dan from Penna with Jewel.

A visitor with Don’s wife Linda.

Erik and Bea Ekstrom from Denmark.

Gallery 1, right wall.

The hallway to the back of the Gallery. 
We have art and photographs displayed everywhere.

Art patron Ira Block.

The Greenwoods, Jacqui and Tom.

Jewel, my greatest fan.

Musician and scrimshaw artist Joe Reynolds.

Don’s son talks with narrator John McCarthy.

Jewel with visitors.

Judy Pace on right with her sister in front of a
painting of their old family homestead.

The main Gallery wall 1.

Mason at show entrance.

GAA president Mev Roszman.

Joe remarks on the show’s video.

Gallery personnel; Randy Cannon, executive director, 
Amy Davis, office manager, and Brian Renko, 
program coordinator.

Reception desk area.

Great reception food prepared by
the Civic Woman’s Club of Milledgeville.

My son Rex in front of the Gallery, The Marlor House.

More visitors to the show’s reception.

Special Guest Samuel Clements (played by Bill Scholly)
gives an introduction to the show’s film.

Daughter-in-law Vicki with granddaughter Janna.

More visitors to see the show artworks.

We artists give a brief description of our technique.

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